Indirect Heat Firebox Divider

Indirect Heat Firebox Divider

Golden's Cast Iron
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Our cast iron firebox divider plate, for 20.5″ kamado cookers, uses reflected heat source to cook your food. Simply place the divider in your firebox and fill lump charcoal on one side. The firebox divider, combined with divider plates of half grates, gives a significant effect. The divider plate offers direct heat on one side, and indirect on the non-charcoal side. It makes a reverse sear very practical, without having to pause and re-configure your grates, searing plate or lump.


Made in the USA. We produce all Goldens’ Cast Iron products at our foundry and machine shops in Columbus and Cordele, Georgia.

  • Split Heat Deflector – reflects and divides the heat source that cooks your food
  • American Made Cast Iron Construction
  • Offers multiple combinations for heat control during grilling.
  • Separates lump charcoal from one side of the kamado to the other
  • Multi-surface versatility